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5 reason to choose Gano Excel


Over the last few months, we’ve seen some unprecedented growth here at Gano Excel. Your loyal corporate team was sitting around in the coffee garden one afternoon, chatting about how exciting it is to be a part of this amazing company, when someone posed the question: “Just what is it about Gano Excel that makes people love being with us so much?” Here’s what we came up with:
1.  There’s the product, of course — an ideal fusion of wellness and deliciousness, health-mindedness and genuine cafe indulgence.From bold black coffee to soothing red tea, luscious hot cocoa to hearty steel-cut oats, Gano Excel’s line of Café 2.0 products are unlike anything the world’s seen. And with the health benefits…well, come on. It’s pretty amazing stuff. We decided that this is what most people love: great products at a reasonable price, and a honest dedication to quality.
The product is also super-easy to market. I mean, we’re not peddling potions, lotions or pricey juices — this is coffee, affordable, delicious coffee.

2.  Knowing where the product comes from! Unlike some companies, we have our own plantation in Malaysia, and a high-tech research facility where our Ganoderma-infused products are produced. If you think about it, how many companies like ours can say they control the creation of their product from top-to-bottom? Can any other “healthy coffee” company say that? That’s why Gano Excel is more than healthy coffee — it’s Café 2.0, a totally new idea of what it means to bring wellness-boosting coffee to the people.
3.  The comp plan is mind-blowing. It’s like we’ve taken the best parts of every referral marketing plan you’ve seen and brought them together. It’s perfect for people who just want their coffee to pay for itself AND the serious business builder — which is, if we may say so ourselves, awesome.
4. Field and Corporate Synergy. We’re all on one big team here: field and corporate, equal and united! Whether through cool new marketing collateral, functional online tools like your back office, or hosted events and special video presentations, it’s our job to serve you. Our IT guys and our programmers, accountants and customer service reps, vice presidents and creatives, and (of course) our CEO and founder are all here to make your life easier. At out corporate offices, affiliates shares desks with corporate employees: we’re one big team at Gano Excel!
5.  PEOPLE! Sorry to be all shout-y about it, but that’s one of the most important things in any company — the people you work with. We get emails from and meet with Canada, Peru, and all over the United States, and we’ve yet to find a Gano Excel affiliate we wouldn’t want to share a cup of coffee with! Our top leaders are friendly and accessible, and our affiliates are fun, people-oriented and (frankly) the best in this industry.
It’s pretty easy to see why people love this company so much. We host parties, run contests, interact via Twitter and YouTube, and (most importantly) provide you with a truly unique and enriching product to share. We don’t want to sound arrogant, but all of us truly believe that Gano Excel is just about the most rewarding thing around!
So, that’s why we love Gano Excel — why do you?

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